We are delighted to announce that Cabopol – Polymer Compounds, a leading European company in the production of thermoplastic & crosslinked compounds, is expanding its global presence with the opening of a new production unit in Monterey, Mexico. Cabopol México is part of our long-term strategy to provide our clients with even better products and services and to reach new markets.

This new production unit represents our commitment to growth and innovation in the polymer industry. With an initial configuration of 2 production lines and the potential for expansion, we expect to achieve a production capacity of 25,000 tons per year.

Notably, this is the first production unit in the American continent, paving the way for our expansion in this region. It follows the successful operations of our production units in Serbia, Morocco, and Portugal.

With an expected conclusion date of December 2023, Cabopol México, located in the heart of Monterey’s industrial zone, will cover an area of 10,000 square meters. Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, it will enable us to produce high-quality polymer compounds at a competitive cost. This expansion will significantly increase our production capacity, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce lead times for our customers in the Mexican and American markets.

In response to this significant development, the Sales Director of Cabopol Polymer Compounds, Anselmo Mendes, expressed his enthusiasm: “The opening of our new production unit in Monterey, Mexico, marks a pivotal moment for Cabopol. We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality polymer compounds, and this expansion allows us to further our commitment to excellence. We are excited to better serve our customers and contribute to the growth of the local economy.”

We look forward to working closely with our partners and new customers in the region and to building lasting relationships.



octobre 13, 2023

In 2022, Cabopol proudly joined the United Nations Global Compact, but what exactly is the UNGC? The following video unveils the essence of the UNGC and its global significance. Join us in shaping a sustainable future for all!

juin 22, 2023

Let’s celebrate our commitment to sustainability on this #WorldEnvironmentDay!
At Cabopol, we are committed to achieving our company-wide targets for 2030 in alignment with the Paris Agreement.
We are proud to share our achievements of 2022:
· 34% of savings in total electricity consumption with the implementation of an Energy Efficiency Action plan for our productive installation.
· 11% of savings in total electricity consumption, corresponding to GHG savings of 190 Ton/CO2, with the installation of a photovoltaic field.
We continuously examine our progress and explore new decarbonization opportunities as part of our regular business processes.
Together, let’s pave the way for a greener, more ecologically conscious future.

juin 5, 2023

Equiplast will be held in a few weeks. The international meeting point for plastic and rubber will be held from 30/05 to 02/06 at the Gran Via venue of Barcelona. Come and find out more about the latest solutions to overcome your challenges and meet your needs.

Leading the way!

avril 28, 2023

Upgrade your robotic cables with Lacoflex TPE compounds – the ideal solution for high-performance applications. With their exceptional flexibility, impressive cut-through resistance, and reliable low-temperature flexibility, these compounds are engineered to meet a wide range of requirements, from standard grades to oil resistance and high-temperature insulation.

Cabopol also offers specially formulated low-density halogen-free flame-retardant grades with superior chemical resistance. With Lacoflex compounds, you can be confident in the performance and durability of your robotic cables, even in the toughest environments.


avril 17, 2023

As the world transitions from combustion cars to electric vehicles, safety should remain a top priority. Flame retardant compounds are a crucial component in ensuring that electric cars are safe & reliable. At Cabopol, we have developed compounds from different materials such as Lacoflex (TPE), Polyamis (PA6, PA66) and Sofiprime (PP) that meet the UL94 V0 standard. Let’s prioritize safety and continue to make strides in creating a safer, more sustainable future for all.

avril 10, 2023

From 2024 the selective collection of bio waste will be mandatory in Portugal and when we talk about food waste and other organic waste, compostable and biodegradable bags can be the solution for their treatment and transformation into materials for soil enrichment and green energy. Our BIOMIND FILM compounds are OK Compost certified, provide good resistance, soft touch, and above all will facilitate the bio waste collection system, making it a clean and easy system for everyone.


A partir de 2024 a recolha selectiva de bio resíduos será obrigatória em Portugal e quando falamos em desperdício alimentar e outros resíduos orgânicos, os sacos compostáveis e biodegradáveis podem ser a solução para o seu tratamento e transformação em matérias para enriquecimento dos solos e energia verde. Os nossos compostos BIOMIND FILM são certificados OK Compost, conferem boa resistência, toque suave, e acima de tudo vão facilitar o sistema de recolha dos bio resíduos, tornando-o num sistema limpo e fácil para todos.


février 6, 2023

We are excited to unveil our new partnership with Circular Ocean – part of Ocean Tech Hub Lda’s Blue Circular Economy model – that allows us to conserve and sustainably use our oceans, seas, and marine resources through the @Peniche Ocean Watch initiative. By recycling discarded and used fishing nets into a new upcycled shredded polyamide, PENYLON™, we make it possible to transform them into new products, and sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems.

It’s wonderful what we can do for the planet by working within our communities.

#recycling #circulareconomy #oceantechhub #bluecirculareconomy #oceantech

novembre 29, 2022

At Cabopol, we deliver high performance TPE based compounds for the most demanding certified medical footwear. Our Lacoflex compounds can achieve the desired properties of: Comfort, elasticity, flexibility, smooth touch, impacting colors, antimicrobial, odor resistant, washability, sterilization, antistatic & scent. Offering overall, a maximum performance.

octobre 25, 2022

R-Lacoflex is Cabopol´s brand that offers TPE compounds with a percentage of PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) content. Cabopol has been able to develop a TPE for interior automotive applications with 25% of PIR content with good results in compliance with VOC’s, Fogging, and Odour (VDA 278, DIN 75201 & VDA 270). R-Lacoflex is part of our Eco-Solutions, which were created with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint and, consequently, meet our sustainability goals. If you have any request or questions, feel free to contact us.

octobre 20, 2022

Biomind is Cabopol’s brand for biodegradable and compostable compounds. Produced from compostable substances of renewable origin. With Biomind, the consumer can choose an environmentally friendly product capable of reducing pollution levels for future generations. Biomind compounds can be used in several applications, such as: capsules, shopping bags, waste bags, film, packaging, nets, disposable tableware & much more.

octobre 16, 2022

Cabopol offers a wide range of solutions for Int. Automotive Applications. Nowadays car manufacturers must deal with a market where consumers expect good performance, weight reduction, comfort, and environmental concerns. To fulfil all these needs, Lacoflex TPE compounds were developed. These solutions improve air quality in automotive interiors, through strict compliance with emissions and VOC´s requirements. Lacoflex solutions are 100% recyclable requiring no vulcanization.

octobre 13, 2022

We are proud to join the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to being a responsible company. This commitment is to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles, take actions to support society, and report to the UN Global Compact annually on our ongoing efforts.

United Nations Global Compact


octobre 10, 2022

Our Lacoflex TPE compounds are certified for HFFR applications with UL 94 V0 Standard. Lacoflex solutions can be processed by injection & extrusion moulding in a broad range of applications for the Electric & Electronics market segment. If you want to know more about our solutions, feel free to contact us or visit us at our stand Hall 5/E26 at the K2022.

octobre 6, 2022

At Cabopol, we offer LSZH compounds for Photovoltaic applications, our Sofiplus compounds have been specially developed to be used for both insulation and jacketing with good processing conditions and flexibility. Available for Crosslinked E-beam, CV Peroxide and Moisture Silane Curing. These solutions are the result of an extensive work and know-how of Cabopol that allow us to provide a fast and effective response, as well as a total guarantee of quality.

septembre 29, 2022

Under the Lacoflex brand, Cabopol provides a selection of TPE compounds that can be used in a variety of Automotive exterior applications, including mud flaps, glass encapsulation and side bars. According to each OEM requirement, our products are specifically developed to pass the most demanding UV and weathering tests. If you want to know more about our solutions, feel free to contact us or visit us at our stand Hall 5/E26 at the K2022.

septembre 22, 2022

Get to know our Lacoflex (TPE) and Polyprime (PVC) range of compounds specially designed for Food Contact, making it completely safe for the human body in the most demanding applications. Our grades have been developed according to REACH & EN 71-3, EU N. º 10/2011 normative. This kind of solutions is widely used within markets such as: Consumer goods, Personal care & Medical.

septembre 9, 2022

The footwear industry is known for not giving a chance to breath. It is always moving, constantly evolving. The trends of today will not fulfil the customer´s demands and desires of tomorrow. That is why, at Cabopol, we deliver high performance footwear compounds for every type of shoes, from simple injected shoe soles to the most demanding safety and certified resistant shoes. Working in this industry for many years gave us the expertise to offer a portfolio of compounds based on SEBS, SBS and PVC compounds. We can also offer a sustainable alternative, biobased compounds and compounds with a percentage of recycled materials.

septembre 8, 2022

Join the best at K – The World´s No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber! From the 19th to the 26th of October 2022, Cabopol will present their international offerings on the world´s no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. As usual, the K will take place in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre where is expecting more than 3.000 exhibitors. Visitors will be able to find out more about our whole portfolio. With solutions for Wire & cable, Injection & Extrusion Moulding, Packaging and Footwear. We are pleased to welcome you at our stand.

juillet 18, 2022

Lacoflex TPE compounds meet the requirements for applications under the European Union Regulation No. 10/2011. Our solutions have been specially developed for food contact applications with grades available from 50 to 90 Shore A, high adhesion to PP and suitable for both injection and extrusion moulding. Our compounds are free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, latex and comply with REACH SVHC and RoHS. These grades were developed to address the requirements of the consumer market; however, custom solutions can be built based on specific needs.

After much waiting and anticipation, the time has finally come. The Wire 2022, the world’s most important trade fair for the wire and cable industry will take place in Düsseldorf from June 20 to 24. We are eager for this date to come, so that we can amaze you with our solutions and developments.

Visit us at our stand at Hall 12 / A15. We look forward to seeing you there!


mai 5, 2022

According to the latest vehicle projections and statistics, the EV market is booming. Despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the global semiconductor chip shortage, in 2021 more battery electric vehicles were sold than over the previous five years combined (2016-2020). Forecasts of 2022 expects 6 million Electric Cars to be shipped and the number of global public EV chargers will total 2 million units. For this inevitable demand, Cabopol is fully capable and ready to offer his top of the line solutions.

Our Lacoflex (TPE & TPU) compounds comply with the main worldwide standards for EV charging cables: IEC 60754, EN 50620 & UL 62. These solutions are the result of an extensive work and know-how of Cabopol in this area, providing a fast and effective homologation of the compound as well as a total guarantee of quality in its continuous use.

mars 29, 2022

The Sofiprime range of solutions (thermoplastic polyolefinic compounds) has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of the packaging industry with special focus on the injection industry.

With Sofiprime PP/PE compounds it is possible to obtain an excellent barrier to oxygen and water vapor, making the product very competitive when compared to polymers with a much higher cost barrier, for example EVOH, PBT and aluminium.

By using Sofiprime compounds, it is also possible to avoid the use of laminated pouches that function as external packaging.

Sofiprime compounds have food contact approval: UE Regulation n. º 10/2011 and its latest amendments described in accordance with the Regulation UE 2016/1416 of the Commission of 24 August 2016.

mars 21, 2022

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is postponing the number one international trade fairs for the wire & cable – Wire Düsseldorf. With this action, they are following the recommendations of the Health authorities.

The new date has been set from 20 to 24 of June 2022 at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.

At Cabopol, we are eager for this date to come, so that we can amaze you with our latest solutions and developments.

We are pleased to welcome you at our stand at Hall 12 / A15.

We look forward to seeing you there!


janvier 28, 2022

Join the best at the world’s most important trade fairs, the K 2022 and the Wire 2022!

From the 9th to the 13th of May 2022, Cabopol will present their international offerings on the world’s leading technical event for the wire and cable industry. The Wire 2022 will take place in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre where is expecting more than 1.400 exhibitors from all over the world.

And from the 19th to the 26th of October 2022, Cabopol will be present at the world´s no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. As usual, the K will take place in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre where is expecting more than 3.000 exhibitors.

On both tradeshows, visitors will be able to find out more about our whole portfolio. From LSZH compounds for low voltage power CPR, photovoltaic, optical fibres and TPU/TPE compound for electric vehicles charging cables to our brand-new Eco-Solutions.

We are pleased to welcome you at our stands.


septembre 22, 2021

In the last few years, no polymers have made greater progress than TPU & TPE. As demand for high performance cable expands, Cabopol decided to launch his new Lacoflex TPU & TPE variations into the market. The Lacoflex TEC TPU compounds are specially formulated to ensure a good processability and are the result of Cabopol’s extensive commitment in developing innovative compounds with increased safety performance. These compounds can be used in different applications, from mining cables, charging cables and industrial cables up to 125ºC rating automotive wire. They present excellent Hydrolysis resistance, mechanical properties, UV protection, and flame retardancy. The new Lacoflex TEC TPE can be low halogen, halogen free flame retardant, or even with no flame retardancy, depending both on standards and client requirements.

juin 22, 2021

For Cabopol, the International Leading Trade Fair for the Wire and Cable Industry has always been an important platform to meet customers, to present innovative solutions and to learn about trends of the industry.

This year, the exhibition was postponed to December due to the Corona pandemic, and now, the event has been cancelled.

To protect our employees, customers, and business partners, we are currently applying strict hygiene and safety measures. As it should be, health and safety, are our top priorities. Therefore, we are convinced that in the current situation, the cancellation of the trade fair is the best decision to ensure the well-being of all the people involved.

However, our sales team will be at your complete disposal and gladly to inform you of our latest solutions and provide you with the best possible support.

Until the next Wire & Cable, stay healthy!

novembre 10, 2020

With emerging 5G wireless infrastructures and growing antenna market by hybrid cables, Fiber Optic Networks remains one of the hottest topics across the globe and for that Cabopol has continuously developed new variations of our halogen free low smoke solution.  Our latest development, the Sofiplus one 01OFO, is perfect for dry and gel OF constructions. Customers are very satisfied with high speed up to 1000m/min achieved as example with 12 bundle fibers construction. Solutions are also available for tight buffer, high gel resistance buffer, jackets UV, stress cracking resistance and CPR meeting solution Cca.

août 25, 2020

The world is experiencing a global threat of public health, that we had never faced before, and with which we are all learning to deal with. Rest assured that Cabopol activities are fully operational in all our locations, thanks to the support, professionalism, and the innovative thinking of all our colleagues and partners. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Cabopol, as a responsible company, took all steps within its reach to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, by closely following and applying recommendations published by the World Health Organization. Furthermore, Cabopol is closely monitoring government reports in the countries in which we operate, to proactively update our procedures accordingly.

Some of our active measures:

  • Apply social distancing (must be at least two meters indoors)
  • Limiting face-to-face interactions if possible
  • Avoiding all types of business travel
  • Cleaning and disinfecting worksites
  • Hand hygiene
  • Respiratory label
  • Use of individual protection
  • Self-monitoring of symptoms
  • Information (posted at various locations)

These are unprecedented circumstances, but we believe that together, we will overcome this situation.

juin 16, 2020

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is postponing the number one international trade fairs for the wire, cable, tube and pipe industries – Wire and Tube Düsseldorf. With this action, they are following the recommendations of the Health authorities.

Cabopol, is closely following and applying recommendations published by the World Health Organization and as a socially responsible company, Cabopol believes this was the best decision the organizer could take. This way we can protect the most important asset of our companies, our employees and business partners.

The new date has been set from 7 to 11 of December 2020 at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.

At Cabopol, we are eager for this date to come, so that we can amaze you with our latest solutions and developments.

We are pleased to welcome you at our stand at Hall 12 / A02.

We look forward to seeing you there!

avril 24, 2020

Rejoignez les meilleurs au salon le plus important au monde pour l’industrie du fil et du câble.

Du 30 Mars au 3 Avril 2020, Cabopol présentera ses dernières solutions et développements sur le premier événement technique de l’industrie du fil et du câble au niveau mondial. Wire 2020 aura lieu dans le parc des expositions de Düsseldorf, où attendent plus de 1 440 exposants.

Les visiteurs pourront mieux connaitre toute la notre gamme des solutions disponibles. Des les HFFR pour la CPR à basse tension, les télécommunications, les fibres photovoltaïques et optiques aux TPU / TPE pour les câbles de charge des véhicules électriques et bien plus encore!

Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir sur notre stand au Hall 12 / A02.

Nous avons hâte de vous rencontrer là-bas!

février 5, 2020

Vous êtes fabricant ou distributeur de câbles? Savez-vous que la législation CPR appliquée aux câbles sera bientôt modifiée?

Cette situation et bien d’autres seront discutés lors de la prochaine conférence «Présence et futur de l’application du règlement des produits de la construction d’un câble», le 19 février, dans les installations du CEIS à Madrid.

Cabopol parrainera cette conférence et fera également partie de la conférence, étant l’un des conférenciers notre Directeur Global pour la Technologie et Développement Commercial.

Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir! Pour plus d’informations, veuillez suivre le site ci-dessous:


février 4, 2020

Cabopol sera présent au salon K2019, bien connu sous le nom de «Salon professionnel mondial du plastique et du caoutchouc». L’événement est prévu du 16 au 23 octobre 2019 à Düsseldorf, Allemagne. Plus de 3000 exposants de plus de 60 pays se sont inscrits pour participer.

Au salon, Cabopol présentera des composés innovants qui contribuent à des produits et technologies d’haute performance destinés pour les secteurs de l’automobile, du fil et câble, de la chaussure, de la construction, de l’emballage et de nombreuses autres industries sur le marché européen.

Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir sur notre stand E26 dans le Hall 5 du 16 au 23 octobre 2019.

septembre 11, 2019

Pour plus d’informations sur nos produits ou des questions techniques et / ou commerciales, veuillez entrer votre adresse mail et nous envoyer votre message.