About us

Cabopol is the company within the MEKKIN, which dedicated to R&D and production of thermoplastic and crosslinked compounds. Offering a wide range of products, Cabopol works mostly with the following industries:

  • - automotive
  • - medical
  • - packaging
  • - cables
  • - footwear
  • - construction

Cabopol's history spans 50 years in the compounds sector and the company has focused heavily on the international market, exporting to more than 70 countries around the world. It has no boundaries or limitations, and is one of the main European players in its area of business. The company is always thinking about the future with the aim of INNOVATING in the market. It concentrates on constantly researching new solutions and products that meet customers' needs.

Its range of products includes:

    • Polyprime
    • PVC plasticized
    • PVC Rigid
    • Lacoflex
    • TR (SBS)
    • Sicaflex
    • TPE (SEBS)
    • Sofiplus
    • Halogen Free (electricity cables)
    • PE for Class III and IV (XLPE)
    • PP for the automotive industry
    • Sofiprime
    • Biomind
    • Biodegradable and compostable compounds


Be the natural choice of our employees, customers and partners.


Cabopol has a production capacity of 110,000 tonnes for a range of high-quality products that include all technical specifications and applications demanded by customers.

Human Resources

Cabopol has 175 highly specialised members of staff, with above average training and with expertise acquired through on-the-job training, provided and guided by line managers. Cabopol understands that its human resources are the key to its success, and the company aims to recruit the best professionals to be part of its teams.

Please use the following email if you wish to send a prospective application: rec.humanos@mekkin.pt.